Otter Messer Anchor Folding Knife

I’m not much of a folding knife guy. I didn’t use them at all for years, rather preferring the straightforward nature and design of a simple fixed blade. And while I still greatly prefer fixed blades, a couple of folders have worked there way back into my pocket – most notably the No8 and No9 Opinels. They’re tremendous knives with a deep history, attractive design, and a thickness that has won me over to thin blades. Despite my appreciation for Opinel, they stick to a fairly narrow line, and I recently found myself wishing they made a sheepsfoot or Wharncliffe style blade. Never having owned a knife of that style, it seemed a useful design – simple to sharpen and practical for garden uses. Had Opinel offered it, it would have been a no brainer and I’d have snatched up an Opinel No.8 Sheepsfoot in 2 seconds! But since they do not, I turned to the internet and was rather surprised just how difficult it was to find a simple sheepsfoot style folder made in a traditional style – wood and carbon steel. Eventually, the German company, Otter-Messer Knives, popped up, and their Anchor Knife fit the bill.

It arrived yesterday, so I’ve only had a short while to inspect it, take some “new” shots, and carry it around for a bit.