June Observations

Here it is, officially into summer, and I’m pleased to find that my enthusiasm for this new hobby has only increased. Like most folks probably, I often launch into projects with great energy and then find it waning after that initial excitement. But I’m enjoying the heck out of all of it – moving dirt, pulling weeds, picking of caterpillars – and in my usual over-reaction, it’s got me thinking about the glimmer of  a possibility of growing on a large scale. It know, one step at a time, right??

In the ground, I’ve really just got cucumber and squash going right now. Earlier, there was broccoli and cilantro there, but it’s come and gone already. I’m not real sure about my soil quality, but what I have planted in it seems to be doing well enough. And I know cucumber is pretty easy to grow, but it’s climbed up the fence and is headed horizontally along a rope now, so it sure seems healthy!

In buckets, I’m working with tomatoes, okra, peppers, squash, and I just planted some horseradish and ginger root yesterday. Not too much attention is being paid to optimal planting times, because I am writing off the concern for productivity this year in favor of simple education. This is my a completely experimental year for me, and if some food comes out it, BONUS!

In bags of soil, there are watermelon, bush beans, more squash, and a couple of tomato varieties. I’m not liking this method much. Nothing planted straight in the bag is really thriving except for the beans.

In the three raised beds, everything is a bit ADD. There are okra, tomato, squash, gourds, onions, garlic, leeks, three types of peppers, pole beans, cucumber, and mustard.

As far as eating goes, there hasn’t been a whole lot of that just yet. A couple peppers, a few cherry tomatoes and a couple of cucumbers. But hopes are high!